Mind Over Matter Karate is a dojo in North York, Toronto.


Young girl student practising karate at Mind Over Matter Karate in North York, Toronto.

Mr. Pybus Sensei started Mind Over Matter Karate, formerly known as Kagami Shin Kai, in 1968 in Doncaster, England. The concept of Mind Over Matter was to combine the best elements of Shotokan, Wado Ryu, and Shukokai karate styles to create a holistic, diverse training. This versatile training prepares our students for any situation with any opponent. At Mind Over Matter we don’t just focus on the physical fitness aspect of karate – but the confidence, leadership, and mental discipline that is equally important to our practice. Our students learn traditional martial arts while working on self-development. Students in our advanced classes also gain teaching skills so they can share their skills with the beginner and intermediate students.

Mind Over Matter Karate’s Values

Karate should be open and accessible to anyone, transcending background and physical capabilities. Our goal at Mind Over Matter Karate is for students to develop an enhanced mind, body and spirit. Through their practice, students recover from setbacks more resilient, more self-aware, and more determined.

Our Karate Style

Students interacting during kaart

Karate means “Chinese hand” or “empty hand” depending on which Japanese or Chinese characters it is written in.

Karate students will not only develop combat technique, but self discipline and self esteem.

Physically, Karate emphasizes blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, and joint manipulations as a means to end an attack quickly and efficiently. Other important elements of Karate include stances, posture, body shifting, hip rotation and breathing. We like to defend from standing positions, but will also teach how to defend from the ground at more advanced levels.

Psychologically and spiritually, our style of Karate emphasizes self-awareness and mindfulness. The journey to perfect one's mind and body go hand in hand with connecting to one's spirit. Our program includes a disciplined training regiments, supportive coaching, and our black belt leadership program designed to develop a growth mindset.