Mind Over Matter Karate is a dojo in North York, Toronto.

Learn Martial Arts and strengthen your leadership and discipline with karate.

Mind Over Matter Karate, North York’s top karate dojo, was founded by Mr. Pybus Sensei in 1968. We practise a mix of three main Karate styles – Shotokan, Wado Ryu, and Shukokai. A versatile training teaches practitioners to adapt to any opponent in any circumstance. Mind Over Matter Karate is a family-focused dojo offering well-rounded martial arts classes on Saturdays in North York, Toronto, from September to June.

PLEASE NOTE: As of October 5, 2019 and until further notice, classes are taking place at alternate locations due to the CUPE Ontario Education Workers strike. Our normal location is not available during the strike. Please use the contact form below to find out where we are training during the CUPE strike. 


We pride ourselves in providing the best quality instruction for our students.

Adult and Children in Beginner Karate class at Mind Over Matter Karate in North York, Toronto.


$130 – $150 for 12 classes

8 - 70 yrs old
Saturdays, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

This class increases physical, mental, and emotional strength and resilience in a structured and supportive atmosphere. Beginner and intermediate students take part in the Black Belt Leadership Program which is a foundations personal development program designed to increase maturity, mindfulness, and grit.

Two Advanced Karate students sparring at Mind Over Matter Karate in North York, Toronto.


$160 for 12 classes

All ages, based on rank
Saturday, 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm

This class expands the limits of students' mind and body strength, conditioning and connection. Sparring (kumite) and street applications become a focus in this curriculum. Advanced students are also expected to learn to coach and mentor others by taking part in the Train the Trainer Program: an advanced leadership development program.

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